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The colorful Kembra Pfahler-led band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black covered an Antony song that same year which is the same year Antony, Kembra and Cocorosie got together for a creativity conference two days after Antony played Carnegie Hall with special guests Lou Reed (RIP) and Jimmy Scott (RIP). Używamy plików cookie, aby pomóc w personalizacji treści, dostosowywać i analizować reklamy oraz zapewnić bezpieczne korzystanie z serwisu.Collectively, they represent a frontier feminist point of view.

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Now, armed with his first major label deal, Banhart has been afforded the opportunity to whip up a satisfying full-course dinner.

For this project, he was provided with a sufficient budget to gather the musicians he wanted (he opted for the same players who’d supported him on the previous album, 2007’s shambling Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon), as well as a top-flight recording facility (instead, he set up an impromptu studio in a house north of San Francisco) and an A-list producer (he went with Paul Butler of Band Of Bees).

Despite these nonstandard choices, the resulting album is easily his most polished, although no-one will mistake it for Steely Dan.

Whether you hail What Will We Be as a reassuring manifestation of Banhart’s newfound artistic discipline or an uneasy compromise in the general direction of conventionality will depend on your predisposition, and mine puts me among those who will give the LP a cautious thumbs up.

Four years ago, he likened making a record to cooking, bemoaning the fact that he’d made do with “very shitty utensils and ingredients.