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The young woman gets into it with Shay and the argument is escalated when Shay douses homegirl with a cup of water.Trina’s cousin, Bobby Lytes, may not have full career support from his family but his boyfriend Jeffrey has always been there.According to Tinder pro and author Blake Jamieson, your bio should be "intriguing, evocative and short".

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In doing radio interviews to promote the music, this iconic duo is immediately hit with the question, “have you two ever smashed? Any “Nann” fan knows that they have always been just friends.

Trina’s cousin Joy Young is Trick Daddy’s wife and while he wants her to stay in their relationship, she wants out.

Be warned though, as the #On Tinder At Tinder craze recently revealed, these flattering photos can be seriously deceiving.3.

MAKE YOUR BIO LIKE A TWEET, PRECISE AND SNAPPYIf your picture's got people interested but your mug's not quite enough to get you out of the land of singleton on its own, your bio's got to pick up the slack your face is leaving behind.

So unless you really are as deep as a puddle, that means no mirror selfies or vest-lifting gym snaps.