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In addition, this is complemented by the conspiracy element turning it into a very slow burn television show.The fights are brutal but they are few and far between, especially when considering that this is a show about The Punisher.' The Punisher': Everything You Need to Know About Marvel's Antihero From his first comic-book appearances to his stand-alone Netflix show, your complete dossier on the Marvel fan-favorite The show stars Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, an ex-Marine who earns his superhero stripes and nickname after doling out justice to avenge the death of his family.

The new trailer for The Punisher teases plenty of intrigue and action.

In flashbacks to his time in the Marines, Castle brawls with a commanding officer.

That’s a little uncomfortable to say, but it’s proof that the show clicked in all the right ways to make The Punisher a relatively relatable main character.

And, fittingly, at the end, my mom and I were both happy to see him trying to get help.

When suited up in the present as the Punisher, he disposes hordes of hired goons in an array of creative and ruthless ways.