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Others have pointed out how certain actions can and do improve the lives of trans prisoners, such as "Transitioning Our Prisons Toward Affirmative Law: Examining the Impact of Gender Classification Policies on U. Transgender Prisoners" and "The Treatment of Transgender Prisoners, Not Just an American Problem – A Comparative Analysis of American, Australian, and Canadian Prison Policies Concerning the Treatment of Transgender Prisoners and a 'Universal' Recommendation To Improve Treatment".

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Some courts in the US have ruled that it is a necessary medical treatment to provide hormone therapy for transgender prisoners.

California Medical Facility, Vacaville, provides this medical treatment for male-to-female prisoners.

It also found that black trans women were sexually assaulted in jail at a rate of 38%, compared to 12% of white trans women prisoners.

In 2002 Dean Spade, a lawyer who is also transgender, founded the Sylvia Rivera Law Project which provides free legal services and uses education to end institutional discrimination against transgender people.

In jurisdictions where there is some form of recognition of same-sex relationships, prisoners may be permitted conjugal visits with a same-sex partner.