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At the second stage, the Greek translation for each version was given to two independent translators for reverse translation.At the third stage, the reverse translation for each version of the tools and their original English versions were distributed to a group of experts (two Professors from the University of Athens, two Pediatric Oncologists and two oncology nurses).

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Data were collected from July 2010 to December 2012 in a Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit in Athens.

Thirty-four children aged 8–12 years old were diagnosed with cancer during the study period.

The children's version includes 32 items whereas the teenagers’ version includes 41 items.

It consists of seven subscales related to the body image, the cognitive functioning, family relationships, prospects for life, physical functioning and symptoms, psychological functioning and social functioning. Level 5 refers to the highest level of Qo L and to the minimal negative effect of cancer and its treatment in the Qo L.

According to previous studies, key determinants of Qo L deterioration in pediatric cancer patients seem to be painful clinical interventions, surgery, intensive chemotherapy and hospitalization.