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NOTE: If you click the Allow or Deny buttons, you’ll have to enter your email password manually each time you want to send and receive messages. That takes you back to the Accounts window, and your newly created account is listed at the left side of the window. Close the Accounts window to return to the main Outlook email window.

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Outlook name cache file not updating

The feature displays a drop down list of suggestions based on what you type when addressing any email address fields. NK2 file is sometimes called the nickname list or nickname cache.

Don’t confuse this with the Nickname field on the Detail tab of a contact record.

For example, if you create an email and typed , that email address is added to Outlook’s nickname cache file.

This special file holds up to 1000 email addresses along with the person’s name, email type and some other info.

When it does, continue at If you’ve preveiously set up email accounts in Outlook 2011. Your incoming mail server is mail.(your domain name).