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So, as we wait for the bed to be delivered next week, thought we should do a little more research...alas, not a lot out there for this specific bed (perhaps no news is good news?

) and seems like the complaints logged here may be for another type of Aireloom say since mattress names within the same brand appear to vary store to store or even brick n mortar to online. We have an Aireloom mattress that has developed a severe "sag" or "depression" in the mattress after only 12 months of use.

Friends of ours have slept on this mattress for over a year and love it, but this chat thread is now making me a little nervous. We feel we have wasted $1, 800 as well on our Aireloom Cal King Mattress.

The only thing that seems consistent is the return policy for any mattress - apparently no one is happy with their experience regardless of the brand or company from which they've purchased - so just wanna make sure we made the right purchase before the thing gets here. The inspection showed the mattress is within the 1.5" of acceptable depression (our measured at 1.25") and this was measured with the string and weights across the bed.

This is not what I wanted to be doing in the final months of my pregnancy. From day one we always felt we were going to fall out of the bed. Ours is everything your saying except Mancini"s sleep world will not honor any type of comments except that of the independent contractor whos paid by the manufacture.