france online chatting and dating sites - Dating a woman taller than you

Not only did I date a woman taller than me, I married her!

While logically we both understood that there was no reason height should have been an issue, there's some pretty powerful social conditioning to be overcome.

Their recommendations include avoiding doing sneaky things to make yourself look taller (she’ll likely notice, and your discomfort will make her feel self-conscious) and acting chivalrous to help her to feel feminine around you (a major turn-on).

" (It's a fair question - I'm still not sure why she married me either.

She assures me I'm an idiot whenever I point this out.

Or possibly it's just an American thing, but I think in this case it's not - I can usually tell the difference between social programming and built-in wiring.

In all honesty, after you get past the initial phase, it's kind of fun.

If you have your eyes on a taller woman but your insecurities are getting the best of you, it’s time to face your fears.