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Providing sanity checks is still a good idea for user experience.

Assuming the e-mail passes validation, you can then pass it through another validator that could look for a known top-level domain, check the domain for an MX record, check for spelling errors from common domain names (gmail.cmo), etc.

Body = email Header "/n" email Body; //send the message Smtp Client smtp = new Smtp Client(Server Address); smtp. So when I try to send an email using this code, I get the exception: “The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.” Is there any way to validate the comma delimited email addresses? String email = "[email protected];"; String expression = @"/w ([- .']/w )*@/w ([-.]/w )*/./w ([-.]/w )*"; Regex regex = new Regex(expression); String[] emails = email.

From = new Mail Address(from Address, friendly Name); mail. Is there any way to properly validate email addresses in . Is there a way to weed out the bad email addresses and send the mail to only the good ones? There does not appear to be a good way to validate email addresses.

My problem is that the email will not be delivered to ALL the addresses in the comma delimited string, even though only SOME of the addresses are of the wrong format. I believe it’s better than trying to recode the validator.

Note that e-mail addresses are more forgiving than you might first assume.

These are all perfectly valid forms: For most use cases, a false "invalid" is much worse for your users and future proofing than a false "valid".

Do i need to first list out the existing domains in my java class or java’s Internet Address.validate() will perform it by default?