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Not before British tabloids also reported that when Lilly bid adieu to Canada, she left behind a fellow named Murray Hone, an amateur hockey player she'd married the year before.

"I'm so hopped up on caffeine right now," she says almost regally, suggesting there have been elocution lessons in her past.

"It's very uncouth of me, but that's what I'm doing." In the realm of Hollywood excess, caffeine jitters probably wouldn't set off any couth alarms.

"She can swear like a sailor and dress provocatively, but that doesn't reflect her beliefs.

She's a walking oxymoron." There's also the unsolved mystery of her romantic life.

Lilly has been photographed in every stage of canoodle with the actor, who is best known for donning hairy feet to play the hobbit Merry in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Even today, low on sleep, without a hint of makeup, hair clipped back, and a snug mustard T-shirt that says (inexplicably even to her) What Would Dieter Do? Monaghan, though appealing in his way, probably doesn't wait by the phone for People magazine to call during Sexiest Man Alive season.