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It's a couple of years now since I've dated, but I am ready - even though it makes me feel like a nervous teenager. My other relationships have ended without that kind of drama. Women know the enormity of the consequences of their partner having an affair, so sometimes they brush it under the carpet, but I wanted an honest relationship. I don't want to have a baby and raise it on my own. There's a secret stairway to the garden and my retreat out there is a gorgeous summer house. Best of all, working on Casualty gave me the means to pay off the mortgage, so it really is all mine. Whenever I've been away working, I love coming back to my home. I had a great three years, but it's hard work - filming goes on 48 weeks of the year in Bristol.

Life can be pretty lonely and I'm ready to share it with someone. I want to meet a lovely man and have a child with him. I was becoming a workhorse, and it's difficult to sustain relationships and to see family and friends when you're working all the time.

Liz is also famous for being engaged to Neil Morrissey, who dumped her for Hollywood star Rachel Weisz.

She is currently starring in The Damned United, the film about the life of legendary football manager Brian Clough. I've been in love again, although not with anyone I was meant to be with long term.

The chemotherapy made her hair fall out and we went to London for a wig fitting.