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Last she heard he had two children and was happily married. He looked so handsome, with a turtleneck sweater and dark pants and his blond hair neatly combed.

A good friend told her years ago that he still lived in Germany and had a cushy job. He always did look a little like Cary Grant she thought. Well, now we both can say it to anyone who knows us.

Steve had been a close friend and there were rumors that she and Steve would be married around Christmas of that year. At least thats what her grandmother told her one clear October day. As she rounded the corner, her anticipation mounted.

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For most of her life she did what was right; but how did she end up in such a life-threatening condition and why was it this time there was no one to help?

Harold, for most of his married life, had been there for her when she needed him but with his new job as Human Resource Director at Bennings Department Store, he was, well, he was never home!

The government had their hand in everything and it seemed like it was just getting worse.

As she approached the driveway, her home on 7230 Pleasant Valley looked peaceful but everyone knew these days that looks could be deceiving.

So much had changed in America, especially when Comrade Hilton took charge in 2020.