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This business of delaying people and filing cloture, and than there is 30 hours of debate, is a wonderful tool for people who want to stop things," says Roberts. As a matter of fact, on the Rules Committee, we're considering a change.

Senator Roberts wants to be on a similar timeframe.

If we were both able to get our bills done by the end of March, we’d have about six months to reconcile between the two, there will be differences between the two, and get those hard decisions made for the president to sign it and it go into effect October 1.” The Red River Farm Network Farm Bill Focus series is sponsored, in part, by the North Dakota Soybean Growers Association.

The aim of this study was to identify, explore and better understand health policy makers’ views regarding the objectives and outcomes for their health systems, how they are prioritized, and the underlying processes that yield them to inform the development of health system efficiency measures.

Health ministries have clearly stated objectives for health systems focused on the achievement of health system delivery and population health goals and, increasingly, public, patient and financial accountability.

In a brief question-answer period with reporters, Perdue cited the recent trade dust-up with China over sorghum.