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/wsu/apps/gnu-4.4.7/isode/Iso DE-1.0.0/bin LAPACK Routines for solving eigenvalue problems, singular valve problems, least-squares solutions systems of equations, and systems of simultaneous linear equations.

/wsu/apps/gnu-4.4.7/lapack/lapack-3.5.0 libgd-2.1.0 GD is written in C, and "wrappers" are available for Perl, PHP and other languages.

/wsu/apps/modules/openmpi-1.8.4 /wsu/apps/modules/openmpi-1.8.8 Perl Practical Extraction and Report Language (Perl) is a a programming language useful for various tasks, such as bioinformatics, system administration, finance, network programming, web development.

/wsu/apps/gnu-4.4.7/perl/perl-5.20.1/ /wsu/apps/gnu-4.7.2/perl/perl-5.20.1 PGI Compilers, Fortran, C and C for 64-bit AMD64 and 64-bit IA32/EM64T processor-based Linux systems. F77 and F90 routines are still provided by the PGI compiler suite.

/wsu/apps/gnu-4.4.7/gsl/gsl-1.9 /wsu/apps/gnu-4.4.7/gsl/gsl-1.15/ /wsu/apps/gnu-4.4.7/gsl/gsl-1.16/ Hisat HISAT is a fast and sensitive spliced alignment program for mapping RNA-seq reads.