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Boyle, his American wife Caitlan Coleman and their three children - two boys and a baby girl - arrived in Toronto on Friday after being held hostage by a Taliban-linked extremist network for five years.

Their eldest son, Najaeshi Jonah, 4, was spotted playing freely in the garden of the home on Saturday.

Boyle told Canada's CTV news in a statement that their two boys were 'improving'.

'These are children who three days ago they did not know what a toilet looks like.

They used a bucket,' Boyle said in a video released Saturday by Pakistan's military, filmed before he left that country.'Three days ago they did not know what a light is or what a door is except that it is a metal thing that is locked in their face to make them a prisoner.'And now they are seeing houses, they are seeing food, they are seeing gifts, all of this.

He said Najaeshi Jonah was busy exploring a closet in the home and said 'he wants to sleep in it tonight and make a giant 'mouse nest' out of the clothes.'Their younger son, Dhakwoen Noah, had stopped viewing his grandparents with 'terror' but still remains 'incredibly troubled and stressed over everything'.