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It’s awkward, like she and my husband are on another planet.He is a good person and I know he means well, but last weekend I’d finally had enough.

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With mini bars in every room showcasing healthy treats such as coconut water, protein bars, dark chocolate covered almonds, and pampering products including cucumber eye cream and homeopathic Sprayology, a holistic product for immune system maintenance and detox, ladies can feel refreshed after a long day's work.

This year, the hotel brand MGallery introduced the new “Inspired by Her” program that provides a range of services exclusively designed to help enhance the female travel experience.

Even if you understand why he can’t give it to you—even if you can come up with a dozen excuses for him, excuses don’t keep you warm at night.

It’s true—if you link up your lives, it’s just not sustainable for a man to pay for you every single time you get popcorn at the movies or a pack of gum on a road trip.

She phones my husband constantly, even in the early hours, and seems to have one crisis after the next.