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Serbia - formerly part of Yugoslavia - is now a republic but its once-exiled royal family have lived in Belgrade's Royal Palace since 2001.

The couple, who announced their engagement just over two months ago, invited a host of European royals, celebrities and society figures to share their big day and their well-heeled guests were certainly not disappointed. Michael the Archangel the wedding party travelled to the nearby Images from inside the glittering affair, shared on social media, show a towering seven-tiered cake, lavish floral display, free-flowing champagne and a traditional folk dance performance.

Her death came three weeks after she presented the refugee appeal and just three days after Nato bombed a state-owned TV station in Belgrade.

The strike claimed the lives of 16 innocent workers, including make-up artist Jelica Munitlak, a close friend of President Milosevic.

The only explanation would rely on a perverted nature of a mind based on destruction, evil and the idea of power.