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Roberta Adams Telephone: 1 (780) 462-8869 NOBLE GRAND - Pamella M Coombes VICE GRAND - Gail Black TREASURER - Arlene Lassey Email: [email protected]: 1 (780) 475-1520 FINANCIAL Secretary - Diane Thompson Maple Leaf Rebekah Lodge #2 is one of the first Rebekah Lodges ever established in Alberta dating back to 1906.

Deglaciation models utilizing paradigms of active ice retreat may result in dichotomous depictions of the land surface as either ice covered or deglaciated.

Due to the insulating properties of supraglacial debris, stagnant ice results in a situation that is simultaneously neither and both of the above conditions.

I will not love you for something but I will just love for your existence in my life. There are really very few men out there who truly know how to treat a woman, how to indulge her and how to cherish her.

I have a lot of patience with people and always will try to help them out if they are in need. I am passionate about life and have an incredible sense of adventure.

Due to the effects of deglaciation, many areas of Alberta were dominated by chaotic ice-stagnation conditions, with continual reversal of topography and rapid transformation of the surface.

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