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The regiment had been sent east already, where it fought in all the campaigns of the War of the League of Augsburg, in Flanders, on the Moselle, and on the Rhine.

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The regiment found fame as the personal regiment of Louis, Duke of Enghien and later Prince of Condé, from 1635 to 1686; in honour of the "Grand Condé," it is still called the "Condé-Dragons".

The French Revolution gave it the designation of the second regiment of dragoons in the French Army, and with brief interruptions it has served under this name in successive French armies ever since.

Under its new commander the Marquis de Livry, the regiment fought in the successful Siege of Turin in 1640.

Following the siege, the regiment helped take several towns in Piedmont for the French, and in 1641 it fought in the siege of Coni.

The regiment was sent to fight in the Dutch War in 1672, taking up winter quarters near Utrecht. On 11 August 1674, the regiment had a leading role in the Battle of Seneffe, a victory won by the Grand Condé which restored him to royal favour.