Adult webcams through kinect

Finally, I’d thought I’d include this one for a bit of fun, even though it’s basically completely useless.

Adult webcams through kinect-33

The Xbox One is hailed as the all-in-one answer to our entertainment needs and now it is able to satisfy the most carnal of cravings as users have found a way to watch pornography on the console, as reported on Digital Trends.

Adult entertainment company Sugar DVD delivers streaming adult movies in a similar fashion to that of Quickflix through the Xbox One web browser, giving unlimited access to hundreds of titles for a monthly subscription fee.

While the movie service is classified as an app, by going through the browser it sidesteps any Xbox Marketplace violations.

After being on the market for just under a week it was only a matter of time before gamers and porno providers took advantage of the built-in web browser to bring hardcore content into living rooms, and if there's a sure-fire way any technology is to succeed it's to get the adult industry behind it.

The control scheme was set up by attaching a Kinect to a Windows 7 computer with an open-source Kinect driver installed.