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When you're busy, stay in touch with her by ruffling her hair or looking over and smiling at her from time to time. You could also turn old clothes over to a jumble sale or donate them to a charity shop.Saying "just a minute" is rarely effective because your 22 month old has little idea of how long a minute is. Do a quick check to make sure she doesn't need anything more than attention – for example, a fresh nappy. It only teaches your child that interrupting is socially acceptable and effective. Of course, if you're planning to add to your family, you'll want to hang on to some of them.

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Although the Control Center makes it much quicker and more efficient to reach important settings on your device, Siri has been upgraded with the ability to also manage these settings, hands-free. If she can't directly control the settings, she can take you to the settings page and allow you to manually change it.

For example, if you ask Siri to "Open Control Center settings," the settings app to the Control Center screen will open.

Store outgrown clothing in boxes labelled by size and season for easy access later. And the bottom couple of rows are for little toys that she can discover again and play with." – Sade Community Is your toddler still waking in the night? Things to consider Help your little one to become more independent. Teething can keep your toddler awake at night in her second year. Developing good taste What's the best way to get your 22 month old to try new foods? Even if he refuses to touch, much less taste, what's on his plate, exposure is the name of the game.

Parent tip: storing your toddler's clothes and shoes "I put one of those shoe-holders that go over the back of a door in my daughter's room. It can take 10, 20 or more exposures to a new food before a toddler will consent to try it, nutritionists say.

He'll also care about the results - you'll see he's pleased when he's successful and frustrated when he's not. Your life: dealing with fickle toddlers Does your child want to hug you one minute and push you away the next?

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    Nevertheless, I'm saying you are terrific and should be paired with men and women who are equally terrific when acting....nothing but the best for Rain!!!

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    And to think, she could have missed this week all together! Will sing for candy When Tommy the warm-up guy saw audience participation waning tonight, he broke out the chocolate and instructed the mosh pit group to sing “Baby Got Back.” Again. I know that their technique was flawless out there, but was I the only one who found Katee Shean and Will Wingfield’s Broadway routine to be just plain corny?

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    This should be time you have alone perhaps when the children are in bed and to make sure it is distraction free (with the computer and TV turned off).

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    It runs on everything -- Macs and PCs, i Pads and Android tablets, and of course, Windows tablets.