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But is this the sole evidence of evolutionary transitions?

The single great tree of life is profound evidence for evolutionary transitions.

This insight was first articulated by Charles Darwin in 1859, and new lines of evidence have confirmed his discovery time and time again since then. is no longer on its own, a single species that attests to the reality of an evolutionary transition from reptiles to birds.

There are two key lines of evidence: The role of missing links is most difficult to understand. Below it, on the evolutionary tree, stretch countless theropod dinosaurs that become ever more birdlike through time, and above it stretch numerous bird species that bridge every step of the way from The evolutionary route from reptile to mammal is known in just as much detail.

All the steps are evident in fossils: Every day, new fossil finds are reported — the first insect, the oldest hominid, the first sauropod dinosaur, an Eocene whale with legs — and so it goes on.

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