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Second, create a new moment by combining an existing clock time with a new time zone. For example, a while ago I was in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you thought solution 2 or 3 was more useful, no problem.

You can still get those results with clever arithmetic, or by using the special Notice that this will only affect arithmetic with months (and arithmetic with years if your start date it Feb 29).

The code in lubridate is vectorized and ready to be used in both interactive settings and within functions.

As an example, I offer a function for advancing a date to the last day of the month To learn more about lubridate, including the specifics of periods and durations, please read the original lubridate paper.

What if Hadley made a mistake and signed on at his time? This took him out of the country from July 20 until the end of August. Intervals are specific time spans (because they are tied to specific dates), but lubridate also supplies two general time span classes: Durations and Periods.