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However, what Tucker stresses about the community as an education ecosystem is powerful, and something that isn’t being done as well as it can be.One of the things that I tweeted on the day, which I firmly believe is true, is that ‘We need to see that school is life and life is school.If you haven’t already read it, you should read Peter Ellerton’s excellent paper On Critical Thinking and Collaborative Inquiry which gets to this very point beautifully.

That sounds dramatic, but it captures my rollercoaster week!

So, what happened on the second day of the symposium that continued the feeling of optimism about the future of education that was generated on day one?

Well, you would be surprised by that if you knew I come from the Northern Beaches, live within Tony Abbott’s electorate and just a couple of suburbs down from Stokes’ office – because the Liberal party have run this peninsular for as long as there has been electorates to run…

but I’m hoping you know me a little better than to assume I would support a conservative party.

He used a phrase which will be remembered by all delegates – he said we need to move away from an education system that is focused on ‘stuffing the duck’ to one that centres on designing rich and engaging learning experiences in and outside of school.