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It is an open, sometimes violent, fear and hatred for Blacks and others.Until about 1940, science, religion, law and government backed it.

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Race realism – common among trolls on this blog and many on the right. The main difference is that it does not “hate” people of colour, it just looks down on them (even Asians, in a patronizing way) – but not out of prejudice, oh no, but out of a duty to truth: scientific racism – the belief that science proves there are races among humans and that some races are better than others. Scientific racists say that is because the left has taken over the universities. Colour-blind racism – common among White Americans under 65. Internalized racism – common among Black, Latino, Asian and Native Americans.

But their “scientific” racism is pseudoscience, no better than ancient astronauts or UFOs. Unlike Jim Crow racism or race realism, it talks the talk of equality and does not blame biology for racial inequality. This is where you are racist against yourself because of the racist brainwashing that comes standard in American society – through school, television, etc.

Since it’s showing up here, you probably already guessed how this is going to end.

Most of this analysis is not original to me – Hacker News had figured a lot of it out before I even woke up this morning – but I think it’ll at least be helpful to collect all the information in one easily linkable place.

The paper concludes that “for insiders…we see little evidence of bias…for outsiders, we see evidence of gender bias: women’s acceptance rates are 71.8% when they use gender neutral profiles, but drop to 62.5% when their gender is identifiable.