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Here are the first few books that I got in the year 2018.

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2) by: Tara Sim I honestly don’t know much about this book. 3-6) by: Holly Black I had no idea I would get this many copies of this book. I preordered the Barnes & Noble edition soon after I traded my ARC just so I would have a copy of the book.

I know it’s set in an alternative London and there are aspects of time that pertain to the story. Then this book came in my January Fairyloot and Owlcrate.

Face it, Pam and Jim, you guys are a boring married couple who mostly gets along. And you don’t have to hit me over the head anymore with the fact that Pam feels guilty for making him come back to Scranton, but that Jim just loves her so much, blah blah blah. Blatant foreshadowing – quit acting like we haven’t seen all this “surprise” stuff projected for seasons. Look, I will 100% still watch rerun episodes of you on TV. I even still want to go back and watch your original, British version.

But, like many things, you’ve just overstayed your welcome.

Then Season 7 was the final Michael Scott (Steve Carell) season, and frankly I don’t remember much of it. I guess he was kind of funny at the Stamford branch, when he was calling Jim “Big Tuna” and singing “Lovefool” over and over again. But…how can it be airing if there’s still one more episode for us to watch?