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They tie up again, Lita with the scoop slam takes Trish down.“Get your head out of your ass Trish.” She gets back to her feet, Lita whips Trish into the ropes, big flying clothesline from Lita takes her off her feet and into the cover, one, two, Trish kicks out.

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She grabs Lita in a side headlock, Stratusfaction coming up.

No, Lita throws Trish backwards as her feet hit the ropes but Trish lands on her feet.

Lita manages to roll back into the ring first at the count of eight, Trish just makes it back in before ten.

Lita looks to have Trish right where she wants her as she staggers straight into a boot to the midsection.

Suicide dive by Lita knocks Trish right into the ringside barricade.