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Alexis Harper Castle (Molly Quinn) is Castle's daughter.

Unusually mature and responsible for her age (notably a foil to Castle's immaturity), she is highly intelligent, academically motivated (she attends Columbia University), and wise beyond her years.

Alexis is very close to her father, as they do many activities together, including fencing, book research projects such as learning lock-picking and safe-cracking—and laser tag.

She has also developed a certain bond with Beckett, asking Beckett's advice when contemplating going on an exchange trip to France, and making arrangements with the detective to spend three days working at the police station as part of a project for her civics class.

Working alongside Beckett gives Castle a new source of inspiration and, after assisting Beckett with the case, Castle takes the opportunity to use his knowledge and skills, and his close friendship with the Mayor, to stay on with the NYPD in a consulting capacity.