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I can (sort of) skate, but I’ve barely played hockey. There’s something about it I just can’t shake that’s finally become irresistible.

Despite all that, I’ve decided to become a goaltender… I’m not sure exactly what that something is, but I’m going to find out the hard way: diving head first. ) fellow beer leaguers have as much fun reading about it as I’m going to have doing it.

Over those 12 seasons, only three teams have ever had 94 points (or more) and missed the playoffs.

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Under the current system, the average point total for the bottom seed in the East has been 93 points. “What about all those games late in the year where both teams try to carry the game to OT to secure at least a point?

But wait, as of the end of play January 15 2018, the projected 8th seed in the East is on pace for about 91 points. ” The chart below shows the final point total for the bottom seed(s) in the East for the past 12 years.

It also shows the projected points needed to make the playoffs as of January 15 each year (i.e.

same formula that predicts that total to be 91 this season).

But there is a reason they called that run a “miracle”.