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One of these references bears the date AM 2820 (which Warner interprets as "2380 BC") and says '' (i.e. The Annals go on to say that in "about AM 2859 and after" (i.e. Of course we know that these ancient annals have no basis in fact - or do they?

Incredibly, there is an even more bizarre coincidence.

South English Roman (as dated) towards Belfast AD with: If we add mean values of South English Roman and of North English Roman to the Late BC collection, the correlation values between that collection and the Belfast AD collection with alternative tails decrease a little compared to the values above.

Still we consider these values unacceptable for chronology building.

The first is a question; did the scholars who worked up the Anno Mundi section of the Irish Annals in fact use the same Biblical sources as Ussher to derive their chronology?