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Married Ann or Annea Jackson at St Andrews Church in Kildwick near Skipton. Some researches say he was Richard Wade others say that Armegil Wade was his father. Submitted by: Stuart Banks Address: 34 Rose Lea, Bolton.BL2 3JH email: [email protected] Could anyone help me with any information about my grandparents who lived in Keighly from about 1900-1940.His father was John Turner Waddy and Sir Richard Waddy was his brother.

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They had six children: Otto, Raven, Roland, Noel (my father), Enid and Mona, who have all now passed on.

There are stories in our family about Danish origins and we really don’t know where the name Wagener comes from. He was also a Diamond Sculls in the Henley regatta.

Líder global em serviços de media intelligence, a Cision acompanha todo o trabalho dos profissionais de comunicação, disponibilizando-lhes ferramentas e serviços que lhes permitem ser mais eficazes na partilha das suas histórias.

Wadby/Waudby I am looking for a Robert Wadby or Waudby born in 1801 and married Sarah Tate in 1826. His son Thomas, born in 1829, married Susannah Schofield in 1854.

I am trying to confirm that his parents were William Waddington born 1771 and Sarah Moore (info passed onto me) but am finding it tricky to source using parish records.