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As head of North Korea's rocket command, he is believed to have his finger on the proverbial button, with as many as 60 suspected nuclear warheads at his disposal.

Hours before Kim Jong-un announced he was looking into the logistics of striking the remote Pacific island, host to thousands of US servicemen and submarines, Donald Trump vowed 'fire and fury' if he threatened his country.

But a position as Kim's right hand man comes with its own, very unique set of hazards.

In February, following a string of failed nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile tests, it was reported that Kim Rak-gyom had not been seen in around six months, including at the 69th anniversary of the creation of the North’s military.

Unlike most North Korean officials, two of these men have flown with Kim in his private plane Goshawk-1, named after North Korea's national bird, state TV has shown.