Xbox live slow no updating games

THANK YOU KIND SIR, I can confirm that this solution works! I've been a Chrome user for nearly two years, but recently I'm having a big issue.

Other browsers are working fine, but I prefer Chrome! I have seen this change of policy in google for some years, now.

I can't understand what the geniuses in their headquarters have in their minds, but it doesn't seem to work. When chrome beta first launched was faster than every browser around; 40 iterations later and it looks like 40 times slower and consuming much more than Vista was at its prime.

This time, I'm noticing a big improvement in speed. I have an i7, 16GB of RAM, a midrange GPU (Gefore 660 Ti), a 256 GB SSD - I'm not a genius but I'm pretty good at figuring out what's wrong with my computer.

Right now the answer for what's wrong with my computer is "Chrome".

Everything is slow on Chrome and I don't know what to do about it other than stop using it.