Eva longoria mark sanchez dating

Based on endorsements and his success in the recent Olympics, he's on track to earn over .5 million this year.

Five Olympic medals and an English accent, need we say more?

Nicolas Berggruen, Founder of Berggruen Holdings Age: 51 Status: Never Married Net Worth: Last month, his worth was estimated at $2 billion. Andrew Lauren, Movie Producer Age: 43 Status: Never Married Net Worth: His dad, iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren, is worth $7.5 billion, so chances are his pockets aren't hurting either—neither is his collection of sleek Purple Label suits.

He may have billions in his family, but he's self-made in the film world.

Not too shabby for a man whose vision involved 140 characters.

This 36-year-old social media stud has been linked to British model Lily Cole, and they were seen vacationing together earlier this year.

However, there have been no official statements made from either of their camps—so it's fair game.