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Where would we be without Appetite pumping out mediocre nukige every month? His son, Kouichi, attends his school, as does Yuuna, a neighbor girl who is like a daughter to him. One day Kouji sees them having sex, and from that point forward, he determines to have baby-making sex with Yuuna, while they hide it from his son. He uses his new appendages on his daughters and co-worker. Children get introduced to affair partners all the time. Remember, they see hideous cases of abuse in their court every day.

And here we see Ethica wielding quite a different sort of weapon.

From Valkyria, who brought us the inventively titled , so you know it’ll be quality work. He’s falsely accused as a panty thief, so he decides to use a ring with the power of hypnosis to get his revenge on three women that wronged him: his classmate, Yuina; his homeroom teacher, Karen; and the student council president, Ayame.

To improve his chances, he takes ecchi photos of his cousin, teacher, classmate, and osananajimi in cosplay outfits.

That and some pics are all you need to make a decision on this kind of game.

Magical girl, tentacles, energy transfer through sex.