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Three or four temperature sensors in the poultry house allow the fan, heating and cooling settings to be adjusted as often as every three minutes.Feed lines and pans run the length of the shed and are supplied automatically by silos from outside.For the first two days of the flock’s life, the shed temperature is held at 31 - 32ºC, the optimum temperature for baby chick comfort, health and survival.

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Over the life of the broiler flock only about 4% of chickens are lost.

This is through natural causes or selective culling.

This extensive web page covers all aspects of meat chicken farming, from the arrival of the one-day old chicks from the hatchery at the farm to when the birds reach the market weight.

The various sections can be accessed directly by clicking on the relevant heading in the listing below: Most commercial meat chicken farms are intensive, highly mechanised operations that occupy relatively small areas compared with other forms of farming. rice hulls, wood shavings) floors in large poultry sheds.

The farmer aims to maintain shed temperatures within this range, although in sheds of large birds towards the end of grow-out, the temperature may be reduced.