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If WWE does decide not to push him, then at that point, I'd leave if I were him.

There would be no reason to stay when you have done everything you could just to get where you want to be, then suddenly are treated unfairly. Is Hardy blowing smoke again, or do you think this may be something to think about?

When someone breaks up, usually it's a private matter that doesn't concern anyone else. But when those two people work in the most popular pro-wrestling company in the world and are both big names in that organization, it makes news.

And the biggest part about it comes when that relationship ends because of one of the people in the relationship being unfaithful, and cheating on the other person with a person in the company. And Shelly, who has been with Mark for years and sees that Jerry may be able to give her more than Mark in a relationship.

But, now Matt has hit the gym and the picture you see to the right is what he looks like right now. I for one am happy for him, because he deserves to get back in the limelight more.

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