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But the example was one that was altogether delusive. In every other respect, the English, with their purer faith and higher civilization, stood ready to be the masters of those who had overcome them in mere Eog Ujid. 17 tiative Normans, bat adventorers gathered &om every part ouf. *of Gaol.^ The gaccess of William's invasion was a, distinct itrinm[di of one language, of one mode of warfare, of one social and political system, over another language, another lode of war&re, another social and political system. A man of meaner monid might have indulged ;re paltry and wanton tyranny. The English people— William doubtless already knew it — were only biding their time. 554.] Vidit enim in primla neos Harlum magnopere Londonlen Bas coerceri." With this as his mo Uve, Wi Uiain would not olsf vei; long in London or at Weetminater.

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HENRY FROWDE Oxford University Press Warbhovsk AUBN Corner, E. THE HISTORY OF THE LAJSr CONQUEST OF ENGLAND, ITS CAUSES AND ITS RESULTS. B«al ex- Another point which has been the subject of much exag- tnaa Ur ^geration is the transfer of lands and offices from English- "^^"^ I men to Normans and other foreigners.

This has sometimes Willjui J been spoken of as if William had systematically divided the I lands of England among his followers, as Gathrom and / Hffilfdene had divided the lands of East-Anglia and North- / humberland.^ Or rather it is spoken of as if the lands of I England had been left open to a general scramble, in which I every man in the invading army took whatever his right lii Hid could seize upon.* It is perfectly true that, in the msmiat BSM CHANGES UNDER WILLIAM. But it was not done at a blow; it was done warily, gradually^ and seemingly under tbe cover of legal form.

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