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"His ex would say: "I'm a good person, but I still need some work."His meet market: "The gym.

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resize=768:*" /Name: Andy De Gidio Age: 21Hometown: Fargo Cosmo Username: NORTHDAKOTA08Occupation: Student/Bartender In his own words: "I'm not the craziest guy out there, but I'm not the most reserved."Fave female body part: "Pretty eyes get my attention."Girlfriend must-have: "Someone who can make me crack up is key."Dating pet peeve: "When a girl assumes the guy will always pay.

Taking that for granted is a turnoff."Baffling female behavior: "Women often give mixed signals about whether they like you or not.

Then I can open up."Chick type he craves: "I'm into women who would be content to meet up at a bookstore or coffee shop rather than a bar.

Wild party girls just aren't my type."Kiss bliss: "I like the idea of making out with a girl while we're on the beach together."Hopeless romantic: "I believe that there's one special person out there for everyone.

My friends sometimes say I can be self-absorbed, but if I am, it's not on purpose."In his downtime: "When I'm not writing, performing, or ­auditioning, I try to catch up on good films and books."Old-school sweetie: "I like a lot of older rock-I'm a really huge Beatles fan."Girlfriend must-haves: "I'm looking for a woman who is genuine and knows who she is-she wouldn't pretend to be someone else."Snag his attention by: "Telling me you like spending time with me.