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A variety of programming languages may be used with the . In the context of Sharepoint, developers who refer to “AJAX” are likely referring to ASP. The process of preparing an application for deployment.Unlike simply compiling, building will also copy necessary files, run unit tests (for Sharepoint? ), and other intermediary steps prior to deployment.

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However, given its sheer size and complexity, Sharepoint poses a rather interesting set of problems and barriers when it comes to both development and use.

As mentioned, Sharepoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft.

I don’t think I’ll be getting hired by Microsoft’s marketing department any time soon, and I should probably see a doctor.

Though a Sharepoint site or application can be used as either an internet or intranet site, it’s most common for businesses to use it as an intranet portal, allowing employees to communicate with one another and collaborate on documents and wiki pages.

In general, a single Sharepoint site (of which there could be many within the whole application, remember) is composited in the following manner: That is, a list/library full of data is fed into a web part, which displays that data on a page, which is a portion of an overall site or sub-site. If you’ll recall, I mentioned that Sharepoint does bear some similarities to other CMSes you might be familiar with; for example, you’ve probably grasped that this flow of information is pretty similar to the way a CMS like Wordpress would display data via a widget that you’ve placed on the page.