Secretly dating my boss

Her head was facing towards the crowd below and observing for me.I was looking the other way to avoid any further eye contact with my boss.How embarrassing it would be if he found out this was my wife and she is half naked in front of him and this entire strip club.

secretly dating my boss-27

She gasped at my answer but continue to observe the girls. My wife’s next goal was to remove her black tights that she was wearing.

My wife has a thing for girl’s butts, she loves them nice and curvy. She had a pretty face to match and her hair had highlights as well. She first turned her back to me and then bends over to touch the floor.

They were able to make money as well if the guys offered. I would always push her about being sexy and this was her chance to prove to me that she was game.

There was also a contest for the amateur girls and first place would win $250. Then she said, “Why don’t I do it right here for you? I felt a bit awkward about her stripping down in front of others, but at the same time it turned me on.

He’s never seen you before, so just play along.” Before she could reply I heard supposed say, “Hey Johnny boy, what you doing here?