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If, due to exceptional circumstances, an employee has exceeded that sum then he/she should refund the total cost of the personal use.

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The Faculty/Department IT supporter will offer support for internet access, retrieval of email and calendar if appropriate for your device, and other apps approved by Computer Services.

ITP will issue mobile devices to members of staff in the most cost effective and efficient method.

To ensure that all tariffs and mobile devices, as well as any relevant associated licence arrangements, are contracted for in accordance with the University’s procurement regulations.

To establish the expectations and responsibilities placed on all University mobile device users with authority for the acquisition and/or use of devices, tariffs or licences procured in respect of the provision of mobile communications options necessary for the University to meet its corporate responsibilities and business needs.

These guidelines are intended both to control current and future use and so reduce the substantial cost to the University, and to indicate ways in which mobile technology could assist in more flexible working in the future.