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Siobhan has a desperate plan, for which she needs a captured ‘bot.But as the imprinting begins, the question remains; just who is using whom?

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Little does Louise suspect that Mr Leashem can make any woman very compliant.

Will Louise find herself forsaking her deepest ideals? The machines have all but won, and the scattered resistance is being steadily picked apart.

Our hero finds out and begins to experiment with that terrible, horrible, wonderful, glorious thing that someone did to all these ladies. The sound of bells control him, tell him what to do, even if he doesn’t know what the bells say. Hester decides to develop her taste for such things using self-hypnosis and things take off.

He obeys, because that is his training, that is his life. Lydia was a witch and a collector of energy; it kept her young.

But things don’t work out quite the way the young hypnotist intended....