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Do While File Name "" ' Open a workbook in the folder Set Work Bk = Workbooks. Value = File Name ' Set the source range to be A9 through C9. Merge Add-In and Other Merge Macros You may need merge capability, but not have the need or want to write VBA code.

Open(Folder Path & File Name) ' Set the cell in column A to be the file name. In this case, de Bruin has created a utility for merging in Excel that is in the form of an add-in called RDB_Merge.

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Also, de Bruin's website has several VBA Macros that cover various merge situations.

Ron de Bruin, Microsoft Office Excel MVPFrank Rice, Microsoft Corporation August 2008Applies to: Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Excel 2002, Microsoft Excel 2000Contents or merge the data in each workbook into a master workbook.

To get any additional file names that match pathname, call Dir again with no arguments.

When no more file names match, Dir returns a zero-length string (“”).

Often, it is useful to merge specific data elements into one workbook. Count ' Close the source workbook without saving changes. Close savechanges:=False ' Use Dir to get the next file name. Auto Fit End Sub The new workbook that you create with this code example will contain a row for each file in the directory. You can find the last row with the method, which returns a range of cells that match a specified criterion. In contrast, the article written by de Bruin contains more complex VBA code examples.