Xerces non validating

All the sample programs use the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) to interface with different underlying implementations of the SAX parser, DOM document builder and XSL Transformation engines, and they share a common structure that allows their respective performance to be compared. Comparing SAX, DOM and XSLT Performances This test compares the performance of SAX, DOM and XSLT when applied to process the XML documents defined earlier.

They all follow the typical steps of using JAXP, and additionally include two loops to process the same document multiple times and in multiple runs. Two different SAX and DOM parser implementations have been used: Xerces and Crimson.

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Neither Java nor XML Technology need an introduction, nor the synergy between the two: "Portable Code and Portable Data".

With the growing interest in web services and e-business platforms, XML is joining Java in the developer's toolbox.

When compared to the previous tests, compiled style sheets may perform better than DOM and close to SAX.

This benchmark compares the performances of SAX and DOM with and without validation.

Each document has been processed 10 times for each of the 10 runs.