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The men's eyes never left her and she received more verbal encouragement to just carry on and ignore them.Not that she had much choice with her husband fucking away beneath her and since they'd already copped an eyeful upon arrival it somehow seemed to matter less now. Drunk only on heat and adrenalin, she slowly began to carry on where she'd left off and immediately she began to build some tension.

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He ceased with the massaging and squeezing of her full, slippery round tits and instead he slid a slow finger into her nicely moistened pussy.

She adjusted her seating position to facilitate easier access, allowing him to begin a gentle finger fuck.

Like all their other movements it was careful and deliberate, neither fast nor hard. He bent down to kiss her and even this was slow and languid, his tongue sliding into her moist mouth and round her lips before flicking, tip to tip with her own.

This went on for some time before he added more steam to the room and then her onto his lap.

She wanked his cock almost imperceptibly, sliding her hands gently back and forth, with a little rotation of her wrist, taking full advantage of the steamy lubrication.