Who is diana ross dating now

Silberstein recognizes that “there’s still a color line in 1976” and illustrates the point in show-biz lingo.

They host maybe one blast a year, go out only to a few more, and most nights hit the sack after 6 p.m. They recently finished Werner Erhard’s est course, which some friends suggest has made “Di” less of a prima donna than in the past. But she hasn’t quite become a dictator.” Diana loyally is still friendly enough with the present edition of the Supremes (only Mary Wilson remains from the founding trio) to see them frequently.

Since Bob and Diana think their kids got too many toys this Christmas, next year they’ll try his Chanukah tradition of opening one present a day for eight days. “I need my career, too.” Bob agrees that “Diana would have missed a lot by not having children, but she’s too talented to be only a mother.” Diana herself grew up in a family of six in a low-income housing project in Detroit, where her dad worked on an assembly line. “We just didn’t have money.” She and two teenage friends from Cass Technical High School started singing together as the Primettes, a sister group to the all-male Primes (later the Temptations). “I feel happy and strange sitting in the audience,” she muses, “and a little sad too.” Bob says that any hangups caused by their interracial marriage vanished long ago.

Over the dozen years since he discovered the slinky lead singer of Motown’s Supremes (the second hottest-selling group of the ’60s after the Beatles), Gordy evaded talk of marriage while Diana pined for a family of her own.

“I’d traveled a lot, was going temporarily insane and became very successful,” she reflects, “but there was no one to take that all home to.

Before the event took place, Page Six reported that it would be a “bohemian,” “shoes-optional” affair where friends and family would spend the weekend “living in tents.” Based on the photos that guests shared on Instagram, the predictions weren't too far off.