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For all his A-list status, Nesbitt was among the keenest to reunite with the show.‘I was definitely not going to be Posh Spice,’ he says, laughing. This is something very special to me.’ Nesbitt has a deeply sentimental attachment to the show, born of the fact that he categorically credits it with turning him into a star.Fay Ripley, 50, like Nesbitt, did no research for her reprisal of the tough, straight-talking Jenny Gifford. ‘But I took the view that there was no point going through old scripts or watching old episodes.‘I struggle to remember what happened last week, let alone what happened to me 15 years ago.

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Your late 40s and your early 50s throw up different issues.

There’s a lot to do with you as a parent, your relationship with your kids.

I remember leaving Pete – I couldn’t forget that because for years every time I walked into a supermarket someone would say to me: “Why are you so mean to Pete?

Give the poor man a break.”‘I also remember I had a baby in real life while Jenny was giving birth on the show.

Almost 11 million people tuned in to the Cold Feet episode where Rachel died in a car crash.