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” -- but the most dramatic part of the night was still another throwdown between the two hottest housewives. He wanted Tamra to have Gretchen come get him or he would basically out their relationship. Tamra: “You're such a f---ing victim, aren't you.”Gretchen: “Do you really hate me that much?They showed the clip where Tamra said she felt Gretchen and her now deceased fianc Jeff had a relationship of convenience. There was stuff going on behind the scenes, Tamra said, to make her think that. the night before they went to Del Mar, her cell phone rang. Jay told Tamra and her husband Simon that he had been dating Gretchen for a long time and that Jeff was paying Gretchen to take care of him. ”Tamra said Jeana said the guy's clothes were on Gretchen's bedroom floor.While they’re discussing what went down, Meghan’s nanny — her cousin, whom Meghan apparently hired willy-nilly because she didn’t know nannies were supposed to have, you know, qualifications or experience — lets Meghan know that her baby is crying and probably hungry. She also brings the cameras into her vaginal rejuvenation appointment, which mostly seems like a ploy to freak Vicki out.

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While we’re on the subject: Like Lydia in her first introduction with Peggy, Vicki too asks about Peggy’s health issues and then acts like Peggy just overshared, telling the camera in her one-on-one interview that she thinks health issues are private matters. The totally cynical argument would be that it gives Vicki an opportunity to win over Peggy’s loyalty by offering to run errands for her or on-call for Peggy whenever she needs it.

Vicki and new Housewives don’t always get along, as a helpful Bravo supercut reminds us, but it’s funny how quickly that attitude changes when you’re trying to outnumber your enemies!

Apparently during the off-season, Meghan heard that Kelly had a boyfriend who was not her husband, but when she asked Kelly about it, Kelly didn’t appreciate the inquiry.

So, according to Meghan, Kelly retaliated by texting Meghan and telling her that her husband was having an affair.

It's like Gretchen said of the thin line between sexy and skanky.