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Hold up — I thought we learned from last season that spreading rumors about other Housewives’ husbands was just a recipe for disaster?

Let alone doing it to someone who’s seven months pregnant?!

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I mean, if Meghan thinks her baby can see ghosts because she just came from “the spirit world,” as she just said last week, surely this baby would know if a vengeful soul has entered her home? But she spends most of the episode squealing in a corner while Kelly gets awfully frank about the inner workings of her body and makes a lot of jokes about how the tools being, uh, inserted into her are the most action she’s gotten in a long time.

Tamra, meanwhile, is having a far less lighthearted week.

Apparently during the off-season, Meghan heard that Kelly had a boyfriend who was not her husband, but when she asked Kelly about it, Kelly didn’t appreciate the inquiry.

So, according to Meghan, Kelly retaliated by texting Meghan and telling her that her husband was having an affair.

While they’re discussing what went down, Meghan’s nanny — her cousin, whom Meghan apparently hired willy-nilly because she didn’t know nannies were supposed to have, you know, qualifications or experience — lets Meghan know that her baby is crying and probably hungry. She also brings the cameras into her vaginal rejuvenation appointment, which mostly seems like a ploy to freak Vicki out.