Denise boutte and lamman rucker dating

After having her heart broken, Micah has no plans ...See full summary » A mid-western couple is transferred to Washington DC for work and meet the neighbors, a super-intense couple.

Preoccupied with personal matters, club owner and former singing sensation of the "Diamondettes", Geneva Branch (Loretta Devine) has allowed her nephew Taylor (Christian Keyes) to co-manage...

See full summary » This is a story of a man and a woman who try to defy the odds and prove to everyone that men and women can be just friends.

This year, Brown thinks he has a secret weapon: the legendary Mother Martha Lane.

But the 93-year-old Mother Lane “goes home” before the competition. Mean- while: Cora’s childhood friend Tina, a preacher's wife, visits.

As their friendships develop, confusion unfolds in this country mice meet city mice adventure.